why my iphone Battery life is draining |dying so fast :ways to increase iphone's Battery life

iphone has in general a very strong and high quality battery inside it for a long run. And it’s getting better and better day by day. The strength of battery of iphone4 is about 20% better in comparing with iphone 3GS. Nevertheless, people have to plug in their iphone at least one in a day. And often there rise several questions in their mind like : Why is my iphone’s battery dying so fast or so quickly? Why my iphone’s battery drains so quickly or How to save iphone’s battery life?

The reasons of iphone battery dying so fast are:
# Unnecessary using of Wi-Fi.
# Keeping Bluethooth turning ON unnecessarily.  
# Keeping 3G turning ON unnecessarily.
# Playing excessive Games with vibration.
# Running unnecessary applications in Background.
   And many more.
So, here some tips on How to save iphone’s battery life with a very useful and effective video where the processes of saving iphone's battery life showed visually.

1. If you are not using the wi-fi, turn it off. You can find it at:
    Settings --> Wi-Fi --> Set Wi-Fi to off.

2. Make sure you have turned off your iphone’s Bluetooth after using or you are not using it.
    Settings --> General --> Bluetooth --> set Bluetooth to Off.

3. If you don’t need, turn off 3G.
   Settings --> General --> Network --> set enable 3G to Off.
4. You can turn off Push Email.
   Settings --> Calendars, Contacts, Mail --> Fetch New Data --> set Push to Off.

5. You can also turn off Push notifications at here:
   Settings --> Notifications --> set Notifications to Off.

6. If you adjust the brightness automatically, it should be helpful.
   Settings --> Brightness --> set Auto-Brightness to On.

7. If you aren’t in extreme situations like important meetings etc. try to keep your iphone’s vibration turned         off.    

8. It’ll be best if you remove all unnecessary applications running in your iphone’s Background.

9. Always try to fetch new data manually.
    Settings --> Calendars, Contacts, Mail --> Fetch New Data --> press Manually.

10.Charge your iphone’s battery up to 100% at least once in a month, that is complete a full charge cycle.
Here's one useful video from Youtube (courtesy:zollotech) showing the Tricks manually of How to save iphone's battery Life:
How to save iphone's battery life
11. Using Auto3G:
You can also use a jailbreak application by turning off the 3G. It is Auto3G, which turns off the 3G automatically when you lock the iphone and of course, it turns back 3G again when you unlock your iphone. This application always serves the speed of 3G without lessen your iphone’s battery life. You also have the liberty to choose the timeout settings for 3G from your springboard where an icon of Auto3G automatically added.
12. Using ScreenDimmer:
Another application called ScreenDimmer can also be helpful to save battery life by dimming your iphone’s screen and turning off iphone’s backlight after a pre-defined time automatically. The backlight can be turns on by tapping the screen between turning off backlight and before locking of the device. This application also provides you the options like preventing the device from being locked after restarting springboard, from sleeping while plugged in and to being dimmed during charging.These applications may cost a little bit extra money for you, but if you consider your iphone’s battery life conservation, then it may be turns into a good investment for your loving device.

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