Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to increase and save iphone 3G, iphone 5, iphone 6 battery life.

Increasing and saving iphone 3G, iphone 5, iphone 6 battery life:

These tips are for those who are having problem with  iphone 3G’s battery life  and using it a lot. These tips are also applicable to a first generation iPhone’s battery problem running at OS 2.0.

1. While buying Applications and Songs in itunes:
You can buy songs or applications over 3G. Instead by iphone, try to do this by your computer and then sync them to your iphone. In addition, this will also charge the device too.

 2. Turning off new Wi-Fi network scanning:
Though Wi-Fi consumes less power than 3G and EDGE, it always better to shut down the Wi-Fi, while you are not using it. It also turns off the scanning for a new network. For Bluetooth, same conditions are applicable.

 3. Try to less use 3D programs:
The programs and applications with 3D especially Games are the most power consumers. This causes more power usage by the graphics chips. And some games are likely to drag more power as well. So, there is no other way without leaving the habit of playing too much game on your iphone though you are a game freak.

 4. Turning off Vibration in Games:
Still if you want to play games, then turn off the vibration immediately as it drains extra power from tour iphone’s battery Life.

 5. Turning down the LCD:
 If you don’t fell problem then lessen the brightness of your iphone’s LCD screen around to 10-15%.

 6. Substitute of 3G:
Using 3G for browsing, YouTube etc. also try to use EDGE for weather, email checking as well as Facebook, Twitter and some other applications and uses.

7. Decrease the Auto lock time:
 It is a convenient way to decrease the auto lock time if you are not in frequent use of your iphone. Better is to set the auto lock time to 1-minute, but you can vary it according to your necessity.

 8. Less use of GPS tracking: 
Another way to conserve your iphone’s battery is trying to use the GPS tracking system for short time, unless you are unable to remind your destination.

 9. Setting the Push to Off, and Set Fetch Time:
 If you have not to check emails frequently, set the Push mode to off. And use the Fetch mode which uses less battery than Push. Set the Fetch at an interval of 15 to 1 hour, which will check for contact, calendar and email syncing at the respective time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Troubleshooting iphone 5, iphone 6

                    Troubleshooting  iphone 5, iphone 6

It is very natural that you might be facing some problems with your favorite iphone for many reasons. So, it is better to find what has caused the problem before you are going to fix the problem. Fixing problems of your iphone 5 is not as difficult as you are thinking. It is surprising that you are able to troubleshoot your own iphone 6 even you are not technically sound!
Among all the problems, a frozen iphone is a common problem to most iphone users. A frozen iphone refers to such situation when a iphone is not operating properly or totally not working. So, for fixing freezing problem or other problem, here are some tips and tricks. Hope you find those useful.

Recharging the iphone:
 Recharging the iphone is the most important thing about your iphone. At first, make sure that you are using a high-powered USB port for charging your iphone. Do not charge with a lower powered USB port like keyboard USB port. It is simple to determine that whether your iphone is receiving power or not for charging, just by looking on the battery indicator. If the red part of the battery image flashes 3 times, then the screen becomes Black… this indicates that your iphone is not charging.
If this process i.e. recharging doesn’t fixes your iphone’s problem, then try this: 

If recharging doesn’t work, try restarting process. But remember that, before restart your iphone, make sure you have canceled the frozen application (if any app was frozen). By pressing the home button and holding it for around 6/7 seconds, you can easily cancel the frozen application. After it, restart the iphone. To restart, hold the wake/sleep button until a red colored slider appears. To turn off the iphone slide your iphone across the slider. Take a interval of about 10 seconds or a little bit more, then turn it back on. Again, by holding the wake/sleep button, you can turn on your iphone. Hold the button until the Apple logo appears.
Again, if the above two ways don’t work, then apply this:

Resetting the iphone:
To reset your iphone, just hold the Home and wake/sleep buttons together for a few seconds. Then the display will disappear and black background with white Apple logo should appear. If any other symbols appear, just ignore them. Remember, wait until the Apple logo appears and then release the buttons. Because the Apple logo ensures the reset process has succeed.
If it also remains unsuccessful to solve the problem, try this:

Removing Content:
If any content in your iphone is not properly synced, your iphone may not work as your expectation. For this, you may have to remove the problematic total content. This removing may includes contents like calendars, photos, songs, videos, and even contacts. For these contents, the iphone is not to sync properly. To solve this problem, at first connect your iphone to a computer. Then go to the iTunes site. For each of the categories (calendars, contacts etc.), change your sync options. To do this, first click on the iphone source list. After it, select those tab what is synced, for change it. At last, click on Apply.
Again, if all these ways remain unsuccessful to fix your iphone’s problem then: 

 Reset your iphone’s setting:
To reset the settings you have two options. First one is, go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset  all settings
By doing this, everything will be reset without losing any data or media.

Second one is go to Settings ->General ->Reset and choose erase all settings and content. By doing this, you will lose all of your files, content and folders. It should be better if you make a backup of all your files and folders whatever you need. Actually, your iphone will become as new (not in outlook but in internal settings) as you were first time bought it. But be careful to do this as your necessary data should be removed.
If all the attempts described above fails... you should apply this option.

Restoring iphone:
Restore your iphone with the latest version of iTunes. For this, go to iTunes site and connect your iphone. Then from the Source list where iTunes appears, in the Summary tab click on Restore. Remember, this option also removes all your data from your iphone, so do this with care.
Like above described, there are several ways of troubleshooting your iphone. After doing all the above ways, then the best way is to go at Apple.com. There from the Apple’s iphone support site, you can get the best solutions to troubleshoot your iphone.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

iphone 5, iphone 6 Tips And Tricks: Operation

                                 iphone Tips And Tricks: Operation

You just handed your much-anticipated iphone. Congratulations! But did you know some basic stuff about it. If the answer is ‘NO’, then this is for you:

Ø  Return Quickly to the Top of A Page:
In any application, if you are scrolling down (ie scrolling down a web page in Safari) and you quickly      want to go back to the top of the page, you don’t have to scroll up. Simply tap the status bar (this is where the time displayed) and it will take you all the way up the page.

Ø  Saving or Copying an Image:
Saving image on your iphone is an easy procedure. Just hold your finger on the image from virtually any application like Twitter app, Mail, Safari etc… and select “Copy” or “Save Image”. Then the image will be saved automatically in your camera roll.

Ø  Sending an incoming Call to Voicemail or Quickly Silence:
You have the facility to divert an unwanted call to voicemail or silence it quickly on your iphone. For this when an incoming call comes and you are unwilling to receive it, just press the volume buttons once or press the power button to mute the ringing. Then you have another option. You can send the person calling you to voicemail; just press the power button twice.

Ø  Links Previewing:
You may often find links on Webpages while browsing. Then if you interested to know the location that means where that link may take you without opening the link, simply put and hold your finger on it. It will show the details destination of the link, even let you to choose the option to open it in a new page and to copy the link.

Ø  Save Time while Typing Domain Names:
When you are browsing Safari and willing to visit another page, you can do it in a shortcut way. You don’t need to type the full URL, like: if you want to visit www.google.com from Safari, just type "google" and the "www ." and ".com" will be added automatically. 
Ø  Adding Favorite Websites to Your Springboard:
If you have favorite sites that you visit all the time, it might be a good idea to add them to your springboard (the main screen where all the apps are). To do this, simply go to the webpage you want to add to your springboard, tap “+” at the bottom, and choose “Add to Home Screen”. This will create an icon on your home screen and you’ll be able to access this page quickly, without having to open Safari first.

Ø  Taking a Screenshot:
If you hold your iphone’s Power and Home button together, it’ll take a screenshot of the respective screen. Screen’s flashing and camera noise will indicate that screenshot taking has completed. The photo will be saved automatically in your camera roll.

Ø  Shaking for Recovering & Undo:
When you are writing an email or a note, you can shake your iPhone to undo what you just wrote. If you just deleted some text from the note or the email, you can also shake to undo and it will bring back the text you accidentally deleted. Note that this feature works for every application that allows you to input text (i.e. SMS, Tweetie, etc…)

Ø  Zooming on Images& Text in Safari:
If you need to view an image or text in a larger version for comfort of eye on Safari web browser, just double tap on the respective image or text. It also makes possible to read columns from multiple column’s websites. Then it’ll simply zoom the column you selected for your comfortable reading.

Ø  Rearranging icons:
If you want a new arrangement of icons on your iphone screen, simply hold your finger on any icon. Then all the icons will start moving around. And by dragging them around you can easily rearrange them. After doing this just press the Home button.

Ø  Creating an Additional Home Screens:
At the time of arranging icons, drag an icon to the right edge of the screen to create an additional screen. You can drag more icons to the new screen from original screen. You are allowed to create maximum 11 screens.

Ø  Quickly Return to the First Home Screen:
By pressing the home button, you can easily return to the first home screen.

Ø  Deleting an Application:
If you want to delete an application from your iphone, at first put your finger on the application and hold until all the application start moving around. Then press the ‘X’ on the application and confirm. However, stock applications like Notes, Maps etc. can’t be deleted. 

Ø  Deleting Lots of Text:
For deleting a lot of text, don’t tap it many times. Just hold your finger on the delete key and it will be deleted letter by letter. If you hold for a little bit longer, it will delete word by word. 

Ø  Adding a ” . “ Quickly:
If you tap the space bar twice, it will quickly add a period (“.”), in any application where you enable to input text.

Ø  Using Keyboard as  International:
For typing in a different language, it will be useful if you add your new language to the keyboard. For adding a language, first go to Settingsà GeneralàInternationalàKeyboards, then select the language. If you want to change the language while typing, just press the globe icon, which is at the left corner of the keyboard.

Ø  Do things even On a Call:
Normally during a call, you are allowed to do lot of things like writing any notes, browsing the web and many more. For such kind of operation, just tap the home button and access any application as your wish. 

Ø  Google Map Zooming:
There is no need to pinch your finger on the screen for zooming in and out in the Google Maps. For zoom in, just double tap with one finger and for zoom out tap once with two fingers.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Antenna problem of iphone4:FREE Solutions

  Antenna problem of iphone4:FREE Solutions

Apple's latest iPhone: iphone4, most innovative smartphone ever from the launch of iphone series was much awaited to the millions of users through the world. This is a masterpiece of design and applications but many users faced a problem in receiving calls that means much talked ANTENNA problem! Yes, it’s true. Now , 

What is the Problem With the iPhone 4's Antennas?

Literally, when a phone or device is positioned in such way that attenuates the signal and users body absorbs too much of the signal. This prevents the antenna from getting the full strength of the signals. The new design of iphone4 has moved the antenna action from the back of the phone to the sides. When a user touches both of the black lines on the phone's metal sides towards the bottom of the phone by its metal sides in two opposite places which also acts as antennas for the device, the signal drop problem occurs. It mostly appears when a user holds the phone in a particular way,known as the "grip of death", just where the metal antenna band is located. By holding the phone on the lower left bridges the gap between two antennas depletes the signal and leading to a loss of signal.

But there is nothing to worry .Some simple step are enough to solve this antenna problem. Here they are:

Solutions of Antenna problem for iphone4:
  • The simple solution is to gather a case or bumper that wraps around the metal edge of the phone. Apple is giving free   cases for iphone4 with antenna problem. Click here for more details.
  • Using case or bumper will isolate the area of antenna from any kind of touch by users.

  • If you are unable to get a Free bumper from apple and unwilling to cost extra money behind bumpers,then you can easily collect Antena-aid at cheap rate.Antenn-aid which are small Bandage shaped stickers made to cover the sensitive area of the iPhone 4’s antenna frame .They are multicolored and sure to be a great conversation piece.
  • The alternative way is to avoid covering the black strip in the lower left corner of the metal band. That means handle it without touching the area of antenna as much as you can.
  •  Moreover, maximum cell phones show signal strength in the signal bar display, averaged over time. It also appears in iOS 4, more than previous iPhone software. It is  presenting a less accurate signal meter, which showing  less signal at times than an iPhone 3GS though it enable to deliver more signal quality.
  • Besides, the internal network sometimes may have less signal strength (in terms of noise ratio) compared to other network places which is showing a fluctuation in receiving signal. So, don’t be upset for the temporary distortion.

Indeed, gripping almost any mobile phone in certain places will reduce its reception. This is a fact for the world of wireless communication.
So, after having a little bit problem with antenna for some places or not at all, iphone4 has many features of wonder. Utilize and enjoy them to take the full advantages and real tests of the smartest phone of the planet.