Saturday, March 19, 2011

iphone 5, iphone 6 Tips And Tricks: Operation

                                 iphone Tips And Tricks: Operation

You just handed your much-anticipated iphone. Congratulations! But did you know some basic stuff about it. If the answer is ‘NO’, then this is for you:

Ø  Return Quickly to the Top of A Page:
In any application, if you are scrolling down (ie scrolling down a web page in Safari) and you quickly      want to go back to the top of the page, you don’t have to scroll up. Simply tap the status bar (this is where the time displayed) and it will take you all the way up the page.

Ø  Saving or Copying an Image:
Saving image on your iphone is an easy procedure. Just hold your finger on the image from virtually any application like Twitter app, Mail, Safari etc… and select “Copy” or “Save Image”. Then the image will be saved automatically in your camera roll.

Ø  Sending an incoming Call to Voicemail or Quickly Silence:
You have the facility to divert an unwanted call to voicemail or silence it quickly on your iphone. For this when an incoming call comes and you are unwilling to receive it, just press the volume buttons once or press the power button to mute the ringing. Then you have another option. You can send the person calling you to voicemail; just press the power button twice.

Ø  Links Previewing:
You may often find links on Webpages while browsing. Then if you interested to know the location that means where that link may take you without opening the link, simply put and hold your finger on it. It will show the details destination of the link, even let you to choose the option to open it in a new page and to copy the link.

Ø  Save Time while Typing Domain Names:
When you are browsing Safari and willing to visit another page, you can do it in a shortcut way. You don’t need to type the full URL, like: if you want to visit from Safari, just type "google" and the "www ." and ".com" will be added automatically. 
Ø  Adding Favorite Websites to Your Springboard:
If you have favorite sites that you visit all the time, it might be a good idea to add them to your springboard (the main screen where all the apps are). To do this, simply go to the webpage you want to add to your springboard, tap “+” at the bottom, and choose “Add to Home Screen”. This will create an icon on your home screen and you’ll be able to access this page quickly, without having to open Safari first.

Ø  Taking a Screenshot:
If you hold your iphone’s Power and Home button together, it’ll take a screenshot of the respective screen. Screen’s flashing and camera noise will indicate that screenshot taking has completed. The photo will be saved automatically in your camera roll.

Ø  Shaking for Recovering & Undo:
When you are writing an email or a note, you can shake your iPhone to undo what you just wrote. If you just deleted some text from the note or the email, you can also shake to undo and it will bring back the text you accidentally deleted. Note that this feature works for every application that allows you to input text (i.e. SMS, Tweetie, etc…)

Ø  Zooming on Images& Text in Safari:
If you need to view an image or text in a larger version for comfort of eye on Safari web browser, just double tap on the respective image or text. It also makes possible to read columns from multiple column’s websites. Then it’ll simply zoom the column you selected for your comfortable reading.

Ø  Rearranging icons:
If you want a new arrangement of icons on your iphone screen, simply hold your finger on any icon. Then all the icons will start moving around. And by dragging them around you can easily rearrange them. After doing this just press the Home button.

Ø  Creating an Additional Home Screens:
At the time of arranging icons, drag an icon to the right edge of the screen to create an additional screen. You can drag more icons to the new screen from original screen. You are allowed to create maximum 11 screens.

Ø  Quickly Return to the First Home Screen:
By pressing the home button, you can easily return to the first home screen.

Ø  Deleting an Application:
If you want to delete an application from your iphone, at first put your finger on the application and hold until all the application start moving around. Then press the ‘X’ on the application and confirm. However, stock applications like Notes, Maps etc. can’t be deleted. 

Ø  Deleting Lots of Text:
For deleting a lot of text, don’t tap it many times. Just hold your finger on the delete key and it will be deleted letter by letter. If you hold for a little bit longer, it will delete word by word. 

Ø  Adding a ” . “ Quickly:
If you tap the space bar twice, it will quickly add a period (“.”), in any application where you enable to input text.

Ø  Using Keyboard as  International:
For typing in a different language, it will be useful if you add your new language to the keyboard. For adding a language, first go to Settingsà GeneralàInternationalàKeyboards, then select the language. If you want to change the language while typing, just press the globe icon, which is at the left corner of the keyboard.

Ø  Do things even On a Call:
Normally during a call, you are allowed to do lot of things like writing any notes, browsing the web and many more. For such kind of operation, just tap the home button and access any application as your wish. 

Ø  Google Map Zooming:
There is no need to pinch your finger on the screen for zooming in and out in the Google Maps. For zoom in, just double tap with one finger and for zoom out tap once with two fingers.