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Troubleshooting iphone 5, iphone 6

                    Troubleshooting  iphone 5, iphone 6

It is very natural that you might be facing some problems with your favorite iphone for many reasons. So, it is better to find what has caused the problem before you are going to fix the problem. Fixing problems of your iphone 5 is not as difficult as you are thinking. It is surprising that you are able to troubleshoot your own iphone 6 even you are not technically sound!
Among all the problems, a frozen iphone is a common problem to most iphone users. A frozen iphone refers to such situation when a iphone is not operating properly or totally not working. So, for fixing freezing problem or other problem, here are some tips and tricks. Hope you find those useful.

Recharging the iphone:
 Recharging the iphone is the most important thing about your iphone. At first, make sure that you are using a high-powered USB port for charging your iphone. Do not charge with a lower powered USB port like keyboard USB port. It is simple to determine that whether your iphone is receiving power or not for charging, just by looking on the battery indicator. If the red part of the battery image flashes 3 times, then the screen becomes Black… this indicates that your iphone is not charging.
If this process i.e. recharging doesn’t fixes your iphone’s problem, then try this: 

If recharging doesn’t work, try restarting process. But remember that, before restart your iphone, make sure you have canceled the frozen application (if any app was frozen). By pressing the home button and holding it for around 6/7 seconds, you can easily cancel the frozen application. After it, restart the iphone. To restart, hold the wake/sleep button until a red colored slider appears. To turn off the iphone slide your iphone across the slider. Take a interval of about 10 seconds or a little bit more, then turn it back on. Again, by holding the wake/sleep button, you can turn on your iphone. Hold the button until the Apple logo appears.
Again, if the above two ways don’t work, then apply this:

Resetting the iphone:
To reset your iphone, just hold the Home and wake/sleep buttons together for a few seconds. Then the display will disappear and black background with white Apple logo should appear. If any other symbols appear, just ignore them. Remember, wait until the Apple logo appears and then release the buttons. Because the Apple logo ensures the reset process has succeed.
If it also remains unsuccessful to solve the problem, try this:

Removing Content:
If any content in your iphone is not properly synced, your iphone may not work as your expectation. For this, you may have to remove the problematic total content. This removing may includes contents like calendars, photos, songs, videos, and even contacts. For these contents, the iphone is not to sync properly. To solve this problem, at first connect your iphone to a computer. Then go to the iTunes site. For each of the categories (calendars, contacts etc.), change your sync options. To do this, first click on the iphone source list. After it, select those tab what is synced, for change it. At last, click on Apply.
Again, if all these ways remain unsuccessful to fix your iphone’s problem then: 

 Reset your iphone’s setting:
To reset the settings you have two options. First one is, go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset  all settings
By doing this, everything will be reset without losing any data or media.

Second one is go to Settings ->General ->Reset and choose erase all settings and content. By doing this, you will lose all of your files, content and folders. It should be better if you make a backup of all your files and folders whatever you need. Actually, your iphone will become as new (not in outlook but in internal settings) as you were first time bought it. But be careful to do this as your necessary data should be removed.
If all the attempts described above fails... you should apply this option.

Restoring iphone:
Restore your iphone with the latest version of iTunes. For this, go to iTunes site and connect your iphone. Then from the Source list where iTunes appears, in the Summary tab click on Restore. Remember, this option also removes all your data from your iphone, so do this with care.
Like above described, there are several ways of troubleshooting your iphone. After doing all the above ways, then the best way is to go at There from the Apple’s iphone support site, you can get the best solutions to troubleshoot your iphone.

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