Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to increase and save iphone 3G, iphone 5, iphone 6 battery life.

Increasing and saving iphone 3G, iphone 5, iphone 6 battery life:

These tips are for those who are having problem with  iphone 3G’s battery life  and using it a lot. These tips are also applicable to a first generation iPhone’s battery problem running at OS 2.0.

1. While buying Applications and Songs in itunes:
You can buy songs or applications over 3G. Instead by iphone, try to do this by your computer and then sync them to your iphone. In addition, this will also charge the device too.

 2. Turning off new Wi-Fi network scanning:
Though Wi-Fi consumes less power than 3G and EDGE, it always better to shut down the Wi-Fi, while you are not using it. It also turns off the scanning for a new network. For Bluetooth, same conditions are applicable.

 3. Try to less use 3D programs:
The programs and applications with 3D especially Games are the most power consumers. This causes more power usage by the graphics chips. And some games are likely to drag more power as well. So, there is no other way without leaving the habit of playing too much game on your iphone though you are a game freak.

 4. Turning off Vibration in Games:
Still if you want to play games, then turn off the vibration immediately as it drains extra power from tour iphone’s battery Life.

 5. Turning down the LCD:
 If you don’t fell problem then lessen the brightness of your iphone’s LCD screen around to 10-15%.

 6. Substitute of 3G:
Using 3G for browsing, YouTube etc. also try to use EDGE for weather, email checking as well as Facebook, Twitter and some other applications and uses.

7. Decrease the Auto lock time:
 It is a convenient way to decrease the auto lock time if you are not in frequent use of your iphone. Better is to set the auto lock time to 1-minute, but you can vary it according to your necessity.

 8. Less use of GPS tracking: 
Another way to conserve your iphone’s battery is trying to use the GPS tracking system for short time, unless you are unable to remind your destination.

 9. Setting the Push to Off, and Set Fetch Time:
 If you have not to check emails frequently, set the Push mode to off. And use the Fetch mode which uses less battery than Push. Set the Fetch at an interval of 15 to 1 hour, which will check for contact, calendar and email syncing at the respective time.

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